the brief

With millions of members in several countries the Black Lives Matter movement is informing a new generation of radical activism. At the heart of its activity is groundbreaking and compelling media content, strong branding and a rich genealogy of idea and practice.

Some of our team worked with Black Lives Matter in the UK, the brief was to produce a series of viral campaign video's, alongside a robust media and PR strategy.


the process

This was one of our most exciting Pre-production setups, from location to scripting, the strong communication and regular meetings meant that by the time it came to production everything went smoothly.

BLM had a dynamic process, which responds to daily input, meaning that our film team had to be responsive and creative in accommodating new ideas and initiatives in the film projects. We put our camera's to work and over the course of a 3-day shoot were ready for our favourite process; the edit.


the delivery

Garnering reach of over 3 millions people across various channels, the quality and proliferation of the content was a success. We worked in tight turnarounds but over-delivered, with multiple video's produced and an array of stock footage and photography which would be repurposed.